Bitcoin takes a beating, before bouncing back (26 900€

Bitcoin takes a beating, before bouncing back (26 900€): the cryptomonnaies, not a long quiet river!

Up, down, and start again! – We try to repeat it often, but once again it will never hurt: the world of Bitcoin and cryptomoney is a real emotional roller coaster. If you are new to the cryptosphere, or are Bitcoin Fast Profit simply looking for more peace of mind in your investments, there is one effective method: DCA.

Buying BTC regularly smoothes your revenue price

As the old crypto briscards expected, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) corrected quite sharply after its crazy ascent to a new high, close to 42,000 dollars.

By very briefly hitting $29,000 on 22 January, BTC prices will have fallen by more than 30%. However, this kind of spectacular rise and fall is quite common in the crypto-active sector.
Despite the apparent strength of this correction, Bitcoin remains on an upward trend.

If you want to invest in Bitcoin, you first need to feel prepared to potentially lose that money. Therefore, it should not be taken out of the daily and monthly expenses that are essential to your life.

Similarly, risking your hard-earned money in leveraged trading is more or less the same as playing that money at the casino! If you are lucky you will win more, but if luck is not on your side… you could lose it all very quickly!

Accumulate Bitcoin satoshis without stressing yourself out

The solution for investing in Bitcoin while minimising risks and remaining zen? Dollar cost averaging, or DCA. This simply consists of making regular and recurring purchases of an asset (in this case BTCs) for fixed sums in fiduciary currencies (dollar, euro, etc.).

This investment strategy reduces the impact of volatility (which is very high in the crypto-assets sector).

It smoothes the cost price, creating an average without you even having to waste time (and your peace of mind) tracking BTC prices day and night, trying to find the low points of the market, and avoiding its high points.

If you are interested in this type of investment, regular and zen, in Bitcoin, the Journal du Coin offers you its new service: the Epargne du Coin! This way, you too can start stacking sats, and accumulate satoshis by satoshis of Bitcoin.

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